Our priorities

Our four key priorities relate directly to our reducing re-offending goal. Each priority has two key action areas that reflect our investment in time and resources over the next 12 months.

1. Our People

We want our people to go home from work each day the same way they arrived – safely. We also want to encourage more people to try out their skills and talents and join the Corrections team.

  • Health and safety
  • Recruitment

2. Community Safety

Three in every four offenders is living in the community right now, and almost everyone in prison today will return to the community someday. In everything we do our first thoughts must be how we can make things safer.

  • Community engagement
  • Community probation

3. Industry, Treatment & Learning

Nineteen-thousand people will spend time in prison in the next year; 55% will have been receiving a welfare benefit, 36% will have a mental health condition, and 47% will have drug or alcohol dependency. Nearly 65% of prisoners haven’t achieved NCEA level 1 in literacy and numeracy. This is why we’re transforming prisons into places of industry, treatment and learning.

  • Employment and education
  • Mental health, alcohol and other drug support

4. Modern Infrastructure

Our physical infrastructure is the backbone that allows us to get the job done. Property, technology, security and transportation systems must keep pace with demand and change.

  • Facilities development
  • Technology enhancement

Central to achieving these priorities is reducing re-offending among Māori. Māori make up half of all offenders and reducing this level of offending is one of the significant long-term challenges we all face. A focus on two particular areas – people serving short prison sentences and those with gang affiliations – will have a dramatic impact on Māori re-offending.