Reducing re-offending

Reducing re-offending is at the heart of what we do at the Department of Corrections.

Reducing re-offending is a theme being tackled by justice systems around the world. However, no other country has attempted or achieved the target that New Zealand has set.

We aim to reduce re-offending by 25% by 2017 from where it was at June 2011. Succeeding will mean:

  • 600 fewer imprisonments
  • 4,000 fewer community reconvictions
  • 18,500 fewer victims.

We are confident that the goal of reducing re-offending by 25 per cent will be achieved, but it will take longer than 2017.

This ambitious target is one of the Government’s 10 key results under the Better Public Services programme. It is part of the Justice Sector Results Action Plan – a joint initiative across the Justice Sector to reduce crime and re-offending.

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