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Offender facing (frontline) role profiles

Corrections officers, case managers, nurses, instructors (offender employment), probation officers, community work supervisors, psychologists and programme facilitators work directly with offenders in prison and in the community to encourage positive change.

Take a look at the role profiles to learn more about these roles. They are just a small selection of the roles at Corrections - view the full list of vacancies and apply for a role now.

Corrections officer

Corrections officers are responsible for the containment of prisoners and for managing them in a way that contributes to reducing re-offending.

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Probation officer

Probation officers protect the public and help reduce re-offending by supporting offenders to bring about positive changes.

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Programme facilitator

Programme facilitators deliver intensive, therapeutic programmes to offenders serving sentences in the community or in prison.

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Case manager

Case managers manage prisoners from the start to the end of their sentence.

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Instructor (offender employment)

Offender employment instructors provide training to prisoners to improve their work habits, work experiences and skills.

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Psychologists provide quality psychological services, including clinical and risk assessment and treatment services to offenders and referral to appropriate agencies where necessary.

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Nurses provide prisoners access to a range of health services and provide special coordinated services for at-risk prisoners.

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Service manager

Service managers lead the service centre team in managing sentences and playing an active part in reducing re-offending.

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Community work supervisor

Community work supervisors are responsible for offenders assigned to community work placements and manage the community work projects.

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Detector dog handler

Drug dog handlers play a proactive role in the reduction of illicit drugs in prisons.

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