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Victim notification register

Victim notification gives victims of serious crime, who are registered on the victim notification register, a way to stay informed about the person who offended against them.

Under the Victims' Rights Act 2002 you may be eligible to receive notifications if:

  • you have been a victim of sexual violation or a serious assault
  • the offence included serious injury or death of a person
  • you have ongoing fears for either your own physical safety or the safety of a member of your immediate family

Note: A parent or legal guardian of a child or young person under the age of 17 who has been the victim of an offence, are also deemed to be a victim under the Act.


Once a victim has applied, police determine a victim's eligibility under the Victims' Rights Act to be on the victim notification register.

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How to apply

A victim can apply to be on the register at any stage after an offender has been charged.

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Information victims can receive

There are certain times when registered victims receive information from Corrections.

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How to make a complaint about your treatment.

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Update your details on VNR

Have your contact details changed? Use our web form to keep your information up to date on the Victim Notification Register.

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