Lower Hutt Community Corrections is going green by trialling a hybrid electric vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHeV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is an SUV powered by two 60kW electric motors. There is also a 2.0L petrol engine that charges the 12kWh Lithium-ion battery and supplies torque when necessary.

The vehicle is charged by plugging it into a standard household plug, and takes around 6.5 hours to charge from empty, at a cost of about $2.

"We are all excited to trial the Outlander and it is very easy to drive – the staff have already booked it well in advance!

"I believe trialling a hybrid is a positive move to see how we can do our bit for the environment," says Lower Hutt Service Manager Gareth Fowler.

The trial is part of a whole-of-government demonstration project run by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). The goal of the project is to demonstrate the benefits of electric vehicles and to increase awareness of the technology, rather than trial the vehicle for purchase.

The vehicle is based at Lower Hutt Community Corrections and used for day-to-day operations including home visits, meetings, court attendances and visits between Community Corrections sites and agencies. The trial takes place in late May.

Service Manager Gareth Fowler and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHeV