Corrections and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) are working together to provide access to quality education for prisoners.

Ray Smith and TEC CEO Tim Fowler (pictured) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a step forward in the partnership between the two agencies.

The MOU will provide a framework for Corrections and the TEC to achieve mutual objectives around education and training in prisons provided by tertiary education organisations. This ensures services provided are of a high quality, lead to nationally recognised qualifications, and align to labour market needs.

Both organisations contribute towards the achievement of Better Public Service (BPS) targets. Corrections contributes directly to BPS Target 8, which aims to achieve a 25% reduction in re-offending by 2017. This will mean 4,600 fewer returning offenders and 18,500 fewer victims.

Educational achievement is important in enabling prisoners to fully participate and benefit from employment, rehabilitation and reintegration programmes.

The Department is committed to increasing the level of literacy, education and employment training available to prisoners. As a result, more will have the skills and experience needed by employers, and for successful placement in long term employment. 

TEC CEO Tim Fowler and Department of Corrections CE Ray Smith.