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Prison Operations Manual


The purpose of the Prison Service Operations Manual (PSOM) “is to provide instructions to Prison Services employees on the day-to-day activities relating to managing a prison”.

These instructions are to ensure the safe, secure, humane, and effective operation of prisons. All staff are to ensure that they perform their duties in accordance with the instructions contained within PSOM.

In the event of conflicting instructions with other Departmental manuals and directives the instructions within PSOM are to take precedence. Any such anomalies should be immediately advised to the National Systems Team.

Delegation and accountability

The PSOM frequently assigns responsibility for completing a certain procedure to a particular position (or rank). Generally, this does not place any limitation on who actually carries out the procedure. However the staff member holding the named position is accountable for ensuring its correct completion.

Changes and updates

This manual is a dynamic document, influenced by legislation, policy and strategic business plan outcomes. This means that from time to time changes will be made to the instructions within PSOM. Whenever a change is made the National Systems Team will advise all staff via email of the change and the reason for it.

The Prisoner Guide to Prison Services Operations Manual Contents provides prisoners an overview of the structure of the PSOM.

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