1.5 New "inventory" approach

In order to simplify the realities of Corrections' operations and relate them to the complex histories of offenders, this report uses an "inventory" approach that requires all offenders to only be counted in a single management category on any one day. This provides for detailed analysis on annual "flows and balances" of offenders as they transition into, out of, and between categories of correctional management. This novel perspective highlights, among other things, the extraordinary complexity of Corrections' business, arising from having to manage a great number of individuals whose behaviour entrenches them in repetitive cycles of criminal justice sanction and management.

Chapter 9 Offender Inventory gives this year's offender inventory summary in a form analogous to a financial accounting or inventory management report. In financial accounting both cash flow and balance sheets are provided, while inventory management reports both stock on hand and stock turn-around. In the current report, offender flows and balances in the various management categories are detailed, such that the opening balance, plus inflow less outflow, equals the closing balance. In keeping with this inventory approach, offenders' status at year's commencement is carried forward from the previous year.