2.11 New Zealand population at 2006-06-30 by gender-ethnicity-age


For more details see: data source and enrichment methodology; data spreadsheet ; multiple ethnicity.

The source of data for the above graph was the Statistics New Zealand Table Builder website, from which the “Estimated National Ethnic Population by age and sex at 30 June 2006” was extracted 1.

1 Estimates for the year 2007 were not available at time of preparation of this report hence the use of the 2006 data. These population estimates make use of the multi-ethnicity concept such that individuals are counted in all ethnic groups they identify with. One consequence of this is that the total of “Ethnic Populations” does not equal the total population of the country. Similarly, the imprisonment rates for each group shown are based on the ratio of prison sentenced offenders at 2007-06-30 relative to the total population as at 2006-06-30 (as estimated by Statistics New Zealand). This method is also imperfect due to the one year gap in the timing of the population sample vs. prison count, and to differences in circumstances of how, when and where the ethnicity question was asked (in prison vs. in the National census). However, in light of the relatively small change in national numbers over the year, the numbers are still meaningful.