3.8 Prison sentenced starts in 2006/07 by prior major management category


For more details see: data source and enrichment methodology; data spreadsheet ; major management category.

The graph above indicates the management status of offenders prior to commencing terms of imprisonment during the 2006/07 year. The overwhelming majority of prisoners were in custodial remand immediately prior to the commencement of their sentence. Of those who were not remanded in custody prior to commencing their sentence, the next largest group (1792) came from the “offender pool”, that is, had at least one prior episode of being managed by Corrections in the last ten years.

Some of the transitions relate to offenders being recalled directly to prison from a prison release ordered state. This can happen at an order from the Parole Board when the offender has breached a condition of their release or committed further offending.

Of note, approximately 8% of offenders become prison sentenced directly from a position of having no prior Corrections sanction before the current sentence, and were not remanded in custody at the time of sentencing (they may have been on bail).

Explanations for all of the “major management categories” can be found by following the relevant link at the foot of the table.