9.6 Starts and completions RECENTLY MANAGED OFFENDER POOL episodes


In order to provide for analysis of offender desistence and analysis of the prevalence of categories of offenders in society the concept of the “recently managed offender pool” has been developed.

When an offender ceases to be managed by Corrections they are conceptually released into the “recently managed offender pool” where they remain until they reoffend or age out.

The term “recently managed offender pool” is used to represent offenders that:

- are not currently managed by Corrections

- have been under a Corrections managed sanction within the last 10 years (remand is not included as a sanction)

- are not recorded as deported or deceased.

Examining the transitions into the offender pool provides information on Corrections final management regime before complete discharge.

Examining the offender pool provides for one to ask: how many recently active burglars are in the country? and how does this compare to those currently under Corrections’ management?.

Examining the transitions from the offender pool to “aged out” status gives us an idea of offender desistence.

*Notes: Transitions may be due to offenders having new directives and orders or reverting to a lower management status at termination or expiry of the previous status. In a small number of cases the data is erroneous. However all transitions are included for completeness. For more details see: data source and enrichment methodology; data spreadsheet; major management category.