9.7 Balance sheet


*Notes: Individuals are only counted once. Where an individual could be categorised with more than one status they are grouped with their status highest up the order in the above list. 54% of offenders categorised as "supervision" also have "community work" sentences at the same time but all are counted once as supervision. Status is based on records of directives and not manual muster records. In a small number of cases the data is erroneous however all available individuals are included for completeness. The small number of short term prisoners apparently released on parole and long term prisoners apparently given post release conditions most probably result from misclassification due to a methodological error.

For more details see: data source and enrichment methodology; data spreadsheet; major management category.

During the year the muster for each of: Community Sentenced; Prison Sentenced; Prison Released and Remanded in custody all increased but the Recently Managed Offenders Pool decreased.