Complaints about Community Corrections

Community Corrections staff do their best to be fair and professional.  If you have an issue or concern with any aspect of our work, you have the right to make a complaint.

How to make a complaint

To make a complaint talk to a Community Corrections staff member. Complaints can also be made to a probation officer (if applicable) or their manager. They will do their best to deal with complaints fairly, professionally and confidentially. They may need to involve their manager or other staff.

If a complaint cannot be resolved at this level, a formal complaint can be made.

Making a formal complaint

A formal complaint will be passed to a community district manager. They will investigate a complaint further, and may involve other staff or more senior management if necessary.

A formal complaint can be made by:

  • completing and signing a complaints form DOC, 534.5 KB
  • sending a signed letter, or an email, to your local Community Corrections site (filter list by "Community Corrections") that outlines the complaint in detail
  • talking to a community corrections staff member, who will record the complaint, ask the person to sign it and then send the complaint to the community corrections district manager.

What happens next

Once the Community Corrections district manager receives a complaint, they will:

  • write to say that the complaint has been received
  • register the complaint in a database
  • start a fact-finding process to see if further investigation or action is needed.

The manager will keep the person who made the complaint updated as it’s dealt with, and may ask for more information during the investigation.

Other ways to complain

Complaints can also be taken directly to an Inspector of Corrections, whose job it is to deal with complaints about Corrections.

The Ombudsman can also assist with the outcome of a complaint investigation.

To get help or more information

For more help talk to a local community probation staff member or email: