Complaints about prisons

We aim to have a clear process to hear and resolve complaints about prisons. Complaints can be made in confidence directly to prison management. If the complaint can’t be resolved, complaints can also be made to an Inspector of Corrections or another agency.

Who can complain?

A complaint about an offender’s sentence management can come from an offender, their family or their representative. This can be done by speaking or writing to a staff member or to someone at an outside agency.

The complaints process

Complaints must be made first to the lowest appropriate level - generally this means corrections officers are the first to receive a complaint.

If a resolution cannot be achieved at this level, the person who made the complaint should refer it to the next appropriate level. This could be:

Complaints are only made directly to Inspectors, without first going through a Corrections staff member, if there are compelling reasons why it’s not reasonable, practical or safe to tell someone else in prison first.

Other ways to complain

Complaints can also be made through the: