Our heritage centre

Take a walk through time with a visit to the Department of Corrections’ Heritage Centre.

As well as the history of corrections in New Zealand, the centre looks at Corrections today, with multi-media displays showcasing our modern facilities and Corrections’ focus on reducing re-offending.A replica of a cell from the historic New Plymouth Prison.

  • Enter a replica cell and imagine what it was like living in such cramped conditions.
  • See some of the intriguing contraband finds, such as makeshift tattooing equipment, weapons and listening devices.
  • View a display of corrections officer and prisoner uniforms through the decades.
  • Watch the offender journey from arrest to court, through prison and release.
  • Imagine if you would have been able to move around with an old ball and chain.

A display of Corrections' uniforms over the years.A special exhibit looks at Corrections’ involvement in World War One. This exhibit is part of the commemorations around the hundred year anniversary of World War One.

Location:Ground floor
Mayfair House
44-52 The Terrace

Open: Monday – Friday
7.30am to 5.00pm.

Entry: Free.

For enquires regarding group visits please contact heritage@corrections.govt.nz or call (04) 460 3000.