FAQs on frontline futures roles

What is the difference between a prisoner and an offender?

Prisoners’ are people in prison. ‘Offender’ is the word we use to describe people both in prison and those on a community based sentence or order.

What does working with offenders mean?

It means you are working face to face with a prisoner or community based offender to motivate and encourage them to make positive changes in their lives, so they don’t reoffend.

What if I’m interested in more than one frontline role?

That’s great! Rather than applying for a specific role you can apply for the ‘generic’ frontline role in the location of your choice. Our regional recruitment team will then work with you to discuss options as you progress through the selection process.

What does it mean to be in a talent pool?

This means you have a background of interest to your regional recruiter and they will look to progress your application as vacancies arise that could be suitable for you.

How computer literate do I have to be?

It certainly helps to be comfortable using a computer as all our frontline staff write reports, case notes, offender plans and use other online tools for learning. Recording information in a timely and concise manner is and important part of working on the frontline. 

How fit do I have to be?

While we believe it is important for all of us to be healthy we only assess fitness as part of the corrections officer and instructor selection process. In this situation the physical tests are set to a standard that someone with a reasonable level of fitness developed through regular activity should pass.

What do I need to take to a Frontline Assessment Centre?

Your regional recruitment advisor will notify you of what to bring to an assessment centre when they send out your invitation.

How much knowledge or experience do I need working with other cultures?

Only a little – you just need to be open to working effectively with those whose culture is different to yours and demonstrate this through a range of assessments should you be invited to attend one of our assessment centres.

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