What happens after I've applied?

If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable time to complete initial assessments or to attend an interview. If you aren’t shortlisted, you will be advised by email.

Process for shortlisted applicants

The selection process is as follows:

  • Panel interview: Applicants will get the chance to expand on the information provided in their CV and cover letter, including their skills and experience and how they specifically relate to the role. Our interviews include a number of behavioural based questions where candidates are asked to provide specific examples of where they’ve displayed a particular skill or competency in a previous role. Candidates will also have an opportunity to ask the panel members questions about the position.
  • Assessment: Applicants may be asked to complete assessments either prior to or following an interview. These assessments could include psychometric and cognitive assessments to assess personal qualities and cognitive ability or be designed to assess technical skills, such as written communication, presentation and/or analytical skills. 
  • Reference checks: Selected applicants will be referee checked to verify the information they have provided about their skills, abilities and attributes. We will ask for the names of at least two previous managers who can provide further insight into how they’ve performed in a previous role.

Support people

You are welcome to bring support people to your interview. Please let the appointing manager know in plenty of time before the interview so that the arrangements can be made.

Collection of information

Any information collected during the process of recruitment may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Department’s recruitment processes. Please contact the Department’s recruitment advisers if you want to access or correct any recruitment information collected about you by the Department.

The recruitment process for some roles may vary from the above. If this is the case, candidates will be informed when they’re shortlisted for a role.