Intro transcript

Transcript of Conan and Barbara talking about their work as case managers

Hi, my name is Conan, and I'm a case manager at Rimutaka prison.

Hi, my name is Barbara, and I'm a case manager.

Conan: I was working in parking. Family situation changed, I had one addition coming on the way, and I decided to apply for Corrections.

Barbara: I was working as a caregiver in a rest home. And I'd been there quite a while. And it was really an awesome job. But then one day, I saw this advert for Corrections in the local newspaper, and I looked at it, and I thought, don't know, but I reckon I could do that.

I know when I do come to work and I'm working with the prisoners, that I am making a difference. Yeah, every day. It happened to me yesterday, and hopefully it'll happen again tomorrow. That's what really keeps me going.

Conan: If I can change someone's life, just that little bit, and improve their lives, and their families lives, I'm happy. That's what gets me up in the morning.