Employers and businesses

Employers or business owners want a job done well, on time and without any hassles. The job candidates we can send you want the same.

Providing one of our jobseekers with work can help unlock a better future for them, their family/whānau, and the wider community. We welcome the opportunity to work with employers to help build a better, safer New Zealand.

We can help employers by providing a labour pool with people and skills suitable for a range of businesses.

There are a number of ways that employers can work with us:

  • Employer Partner - Corrections staff work directly with our Employer Partners to place jobseekers into jobs within their businesses. Our Employer Partners choose who they would like to employ from a range of job seekers we put forward.
  • Employment opportunities on release - We provide an end-to-end recruitment service from prison and probation sites, with the option of ongoing support from a professional third party for employers and/or their new employee.
  • Release to Work opportunities - People nearing the end of their sentence who have the right attitude and skills are released each day to work as employees in a business. Employers get a motivated and reliable employee and the Release to Work employee builds skills, stamina, and work ethic while mixing with working role models.
  • Skills and/or trade training inside prison - Teach job seekers in prison the skills needed in your business and in the community so they can create better futures. Talk to job seekers about the benefits and realities of working in your industry.
  • Commercial opportunities using skilled labour available in your region - Examples of contracts being delivered from within prisons include housing refurbishment, welding projects, light assembly, woodwork componentry and joinery projects and for councils. In some areas, catering can be contracted for your next event.
  • Apprenticeships upon release - Invest in a person’s career and future by offering skills for life. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to learn new skills and develop a career otherwise unattainable.
  • Job Club patron - Play a supporting role in the operation of a local Job Club. Visit, or have an employee visit the local Job Club to talk about real life work experiences, and what employers really want to see in an employee.

Find out how we get our jobseekers work ready.

Contact details

To learn more contact our Employer Partnerships team on (04) 462 8347.