Intro transcript

Transcript of Rebecca and Moses talking about their work as senior corrections officers

Hi. I'm Rebecca. I'm a senior corrections officer at Arohata Women's Prison.

I'm Moses Mose, and I'm a corrections officer at Rimutaka Prison.

Rebecca: Before I started at Corrections, I was a nanny, which was great, because I had two young children of my own. So it really fit in well my life. But what I really wanted was job security, and I wasn't finding that with nannying. So I came across an advertisement in the newspaper for Corrections. I filled in the application form and, yeah, got the ball rolling.

Moses: I was a builder's labourer before I came. I saw something stable for me financially and a career, a good career, obviously.

Rebecca: Going out into the compound with the prisoners - I mean, guys have tattoos on their faces, and that kind of stuff was a bit scary. But as I went through the day and mingled with them and was able to talk to them, I did feel a lot more at ease. I've always felt safe in my job. I've always felt supported by my colleagues.

Moses: Beforehand, I thought it was just the keys, and ticking off, making sure everyone's asleep. When I realised that you had to start motivating the prisoners to do programmes, engage with them. Some of them just want to talk, talk about their life. A good five minutes of your time, that's all it takes. And you realise they're grateful for that and they remember that.

Rebecca: The best parts of the job is when you do a whole lot of work with a prisoner, and they come up to you and thank you for being there for them. Also, seeing a prisoner walk out the gate after doing their sentence and knowing that they're not going to come back, because they worked so hard to change, and knowing that you were a part of that.