Intro transcript

Transcript of Sam talking about his work as an instructor

Kia ora. My Name is Sam McLean. I'm a horticulture instructor for offender employment.

I had my own landscaping business, and I was working right throughout the Wellington region. And due to circumstances, I had to sell it. So I was still interested in that type of work, and then I saw an advertisement for an instructor's role with Corrections Inmate Employment, back then, CIE. At the end of the day I thought well ok, I'll give it a go and then maybe there's something I can contribute there.

You have an opportunity to actually make a difference to the lives of some of these prisoners, based on your own life skills and transferring your knowledge to these people. And helping them to understand that there is life after crime.

One of my ex-prisoners come up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. And he's got a job that is paying $28 an hour in arboriculture. And he has said to me that if I hadn't had got some sort of training from the time he spent in prison, he would not have secured the work he had secured out there. And he would not be in the position he is in now. And for that guy to come tap me on the shoulder and say, "Hey, Sam, I'm doing really well." Yeah. That makes it worthwhile.