Nurses provide prisoners access to a range of health services as well as special coordinated services for at-risk prisoners.

Diane (Team Leader Health) talks about her work as a Nurse.

Meet Nurse Geevar Kochunny

Nurse Geevar Kochunny

Nursing in Corrections is motivating and challenging. Before joining as a prison nurse, I worked in hospitals and other medical establishments in New Zealand and overseas. One unique thing which stands out in prison nursing is autonomy. Working independently when compared with other nursing specialties in terms of clinical decision-making and judgment.

As a prison nurse I perform many of the same tasks as nursing professionals outside the wire. However my role isn’t limited to administering medications, taking blood samples and treating minor injuries but also includes dealing with prisoners with psychiatric issues, medical emergencies, treating communicable diseases, and actively participating in health education and health promotion activities.

The main focus of our job is to provide effective primary health care by assessing, diagnosing, and treating prisoners with poor health. We work in collaboration with corrections officers and external health providers to provide quality care for the prisoners in a safe atmosphere. Working with nurses from a wide variety of clinical fields and from different cultures has given me a broad spectrum of experience that I can use to further develop my career.

We work on a roster system, which includes weekends and public holidays with our Health Centre open from 7am until 10pm. Unlike hospital nurses, we’re not required to work nightshifts.

The support from management and the Department is marvelous, and has helped me in my personal and professional development inside and outside the wire. I feel proud working for Corrections as a nurse  and being a part of the team working towards Corrections’ vision.

Position description

Nurses provide prisoners access to a normal range of health services, while targeting ‘at risk’ inmates for special coordinated services, which contribute to the achievement of sentence management plans.

Key responsibilities are:

  • Providing quality primary health care to prisoners, including assessment and treatment within the scope of nursing practice and  contracted-in-services and referral to appropriate agencies where  necessary
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of management plans fro the at risk prisoners
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of prisoner management
  • Contributing to initiatives to enhance the healthcare provision with prisons
  • Providing emergency treatment for prisoners and staff.
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We provide ongoing training based on an Annual Core Training Calendar for activities such as annual CPR refresher, primary mental health and pre-hospital emergency care training.

Training and education identified in a nurse's individual performance and professional development plan and any training required to maintain your Annual Practising Certificate.

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