Registered Nurses are part of the Health Services Team within a regional structure. The National Health Manager reports directly into the General Manager Prison Services, ensuring both the Prison and Health Centres work effectively in partnership together.


There are opportunities to develop your career in both management and portfolio areas.

Management opportunities

As a Registered Nurse, there are opportunities for growth within the management structure as below, and within the wider Health Services team, including working as a Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor or the Clinical Director of Health.


I'm a Registered Nurse, what opportunities can Corrections offer?

We provide ongoing training based on an Annual Core Training Calendar for activities such as annual CPR refresher, primary mental health and pre-hospital emergency care training. Training and education identified in a nurse's individual performance and professional development plan and any training required to maintain your Annual Practising Certificate.

There are also opportunities to work as a preceptor in some prisons as part of our New Graduate Programme.

What opportunities are there to be a preceptor?

Preceptors act as role models and as a resource person for student nurse placements, new graduates and nurses on the return to practice programme. The role of the preceptor is to orientate the new health staff member, provide clinical teaching and support, role model effective communication techniques in a unique environment.

To be selected preceptors are required to demonstrate a commitment to clinical teaching and learning, completed a recognised preceptorship programme (which is supported by the Department), demonstrate an ongoing commitment to their own professional development and have effective communication skills.

I'm returning to nursing, what opportunities can Corrections offer?

The Return to Practice Programme is a central element to the ongoing growth of our workforce. Nurses who are returning to practice, prior to a formal nurse position appointment being confirmed, will be required to demonstrate to the Regional Health Manager:

  • Nursing Council of New Zealand have approved you as meeting the requirements to attend the Competence Assessment Programme.
  • Tentative approval from the training organisation established. (Training organisations require a completed application form accompanied by a curriculum vitae).

Following the above processes having been confirmed, the applicant may be financially supported to attend a Competence Assessment programme facilitated at one of the thirteen training providers approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand. Please visit the New Zealand Nursing Council website for more information.

Is study assistance available for ongoing training and post graduate training?

Post graduate study is encouraged and accessed through individual applications. Attendance at appropriate conferences is also encouraged, particularly for those nurses who hold portfolios (for example diabetes management or infection control).

The Department encourages Health Staff wishing to complete long term study and/or gain work related qualifications. The Department may assist Health staff by providing financial and other support. Study leave is paid leave for lectures, tutorials, modules, vacation courses, exams and other forms of study necessary to complete a particular qualification. In some instances, the Department will support employees to complete relevant qualifications by approving full-time, paid study leave.

I'm a new graduate, what are my career and professional development opportunities at Corrections?

As a New Graduate Nurse, the skills you learn and the experiences you have are important in growing your knowledge and skill base. Our Graduate Programme provides the support, knowledge depth and base, and varied work in Primary and Mental Healthcare to provide you with a strong start to your career.

New graduates are encouraged to apply for our Primary Health New Graduate Programme. A New Graduate is a nurse entering the workforce for the first time following the completion of a Bachelor of Nursing.
Becoming part of our Graduate Programme will enable you to:

  • Practice confidently and safely as a Registered Nurse
  • Meet competencies as developed by the recognised training provider
  • Demonstrate effective team work learning how to work in a practice environment and working in a multidisciplinary team.

As a new graduate on our programme, you will receive an Entry to Specialty Practice (first year) certificate approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand from a recognised training provider.

If you are a new graduate and eligible to enter our new graduate programme you will be supported throughout your first year with us. This will include a preceptor working alongside you and being part of a recognised new graduate programme.

I'm a student nurse, what are my career and professional development opportunities at Corrections?

The Department are currently unable to offer employment to student nurses. However, if you are interested in nursing in prisons on completion of your training you should consider seeking an elective placement in one of our prisons in your final year and speak to the Health Centre Manager about the new graduate programme.