Intro transcript

Transcript of Quenten talking about his work as a probation officer

Hi. My name is Quenten, and I'm a probation officer. So I was a sales rep before I became a probation officer.

I found out through a mate who was a probation officer at the time.

He told me how he had changed someone's life. He said how it felt to him. He's been able to see this guy. He sees him every day now. And he's working. His family is doing quite well. And he's doing good for himself.

And I guess the thing he said that struck him was, the guy came up to him and actually thanked him - shook his hand and said, thanks for everything you've done for me, my life is in a better place because of you. That's something I'd never experienced and that's something I want to experience. And I have, and it's a good feeling.

The communication is number one. That's where my previous job comes through in sales. I like to think I have a nice tone when I talk to people, and a nice personality.

The biggest motivation for me was helping people. I always knew that it was something that I wanted to do, and especially to help my Pacific Island people.

We deal with a lot of Pacific and Maori people that are offenders. I understand where they're coming from. I know the protocols and things like that. Growing up in that kind of environment that a lot of the offenders have been in, it was something that I felt that maybe it was my duty to help out having come through the other end, yeah.