What is the salary range?

The salary ranges from $58,896 through to $110,448.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, am I suitable?

No. We only employ psychologists who have a post-graduate diploma in Clinical Psychology or Forensic Psychology.

We do have internship and graduate training programmes available for Masters Graduates.
Please contact us if you are interested.

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology but I am not registered, am I suitable?

Psychologists need to be registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

Corrections has a Supervision to Registration programme for people with a Masters degree to obtain registration. The programme is designed for programme facilitators who work in our Special Treatment Units. Supervision to Registration is achieved through meeting programme requirements whilst performing programme facilitator duties. The alternative option is to complete a post-graduate diploma to obtain registration.

I am an overseas applicant, can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely. You would need to obtain registration with the New Zealand Psychologists Board. Our team can assist you with this. You would also need a work visa.

What types of professional work would I engage in if I obtain employment with the Department?

In the Area Psychology Offices, the work is varied and includes assessments for reporting to the Judiciary (Parole Boards and Courts), and the provision of assessments and treatments for higher recidivism risk offenders in prisons and on community probation. The work also includes supervision of of those facilitating group rehabilitation programmes, as well as consultation and advice across the Department. In the Special Treatment Units many of the tasks outlined above are included, but a greater amount of time is spent in delivering group based treatments for high recidivism risk violent and sexual offenders in prison.