Key accountabilities

Clinical and related advisory services

  • Provide assessment and treatment services for offenders to required standard and based on best practice
  • Administer and interpret psychometric test.
  • Treat a range of offender types for specific psychological conditions.
  • Run group treatment programmes in STU’s and where required in Area Offices.
  • Provide training to correctional staff and community groups dealing with offenders.
  • Monitor and evaluate the scope of delivery of own services to ensure they are to required standards.
  • Use IOMS, and other administration systems e.g. CARS to required standard.
  • Contribute to the resolution of issues affection the provision of Corrections Services within the local area.
  • Provide supervision services to other Corrections staff.
  • Report writing and advice
  • Write assessment, treatment, Court and Parole Board experts.Complete psychological research projects and programmes in accordance with the priorities of the Department.
  • Provide psychological case management and programme advice.
  • Participate in Service and Departmental working parties.
EEO / Bicultural awareness
  • Incorporate bicultural awareness and EEO policies into own practices and processes.
Training and education
  • Develop and conduct training programmes / seminars for Corrections staff and community groups.
Supervision and administration
  • Provide clinical supervision to Psychologists within Corrections Services (Senior Psychologist Only)
  • Participate in own clinical supervision.
  • Provide supervision to Corrections staff as required.
  • Fully use all offender and administration information systems.
  • Manage referral system (Senior Psychologist only).
  • Conduct internal control checks (Senior Psychologist only).
Team work and participation
  • Contribute to team development and foster co-operation.
  • Provide timely, open and honest communication.
  • Participate in regular performance feedback, both formal and informal.
  • Support high professional standards within the psychological service team.
Relationship management
  • Develop and maintain sound working relationships with other services, groups and agencies.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other staff within the Psychological Service.