Service manager

Service managers help reduce re-offending and contribute to public safety through management of the service centre team. They are responsible for the quality management of sentences and the provision of information.

Meet Service Manager Lou Avia

Service Manager Lou Avia

I’ve been with Corrections for just over 20 years. I started as a probation officer, then became a senior probation officer before I moved into management. I have worked in all areas of community probation, and was even fortunate enough to go on a secondment to Samoa for six months in 2007.

Currently I am working as service manager of the Invercargill Central Service Centre. My team at present consists of nine staff (seven probation officers and two administration staff). The main component of my current role is overseeing administration processes for Court Servicing, which includes the servicing of Courts (Central Otago, Invercargill and on occasions Gore), other Judicial requests when required, and the checking of reports to ensure they are completed to meet Departmental mandatory standards. I also assist in providing training and other developmental opportunities for staff.

My current role also enables me to work closely with numerous organisations and stakeholders ie: Police, WINZ, Court Staff, local iwi, and Judges.

The Department provides staff with many great opportunities to be involved in secondments, forums, working parties and more importantly opportunities to contribute effectively to the reduction of re-offending, and keeping communities safe. Our work can be demanding and stressful at times, but also very rewarding. As a service manager I can influence and assist my team, and hopefully also have an impact on offenders’ lives.

No two days are the same at Community Probation, and it is a workplace and environment that you need to have passion and enthusiasm for.

Position description

The role of the service manager is to contribute to reducing re-offending and to public safety through leading the service centre team in the quality management of sentences and the provision of information.

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