Community work supervisor

Community work supervisors manage community work projects and supervise offenders assigned to community work.

Mike Vink talks about his work as a Senior Community Work Supervisor in this video.

Meet Community Work Supervisor Wilhelm Amstad

Community Work Supervisor Wilhelm Amstad.

I work at the Manurewa Community Work Centre. We run work projects for offenders sentenced to community work.

Approximately 45 offenders turn up daily.

The Centre is open six days a week and shifts may vary to up to five nine-hour days per week including weekends.

Our projects include:

  • cleaning beaches, community parks and bushwalk tracks
  • assisting food banks, schools and marae
  • working with the city council and their beautification projects such as removal of graffiti.

My time management and supervisory skills are put to the test to balance group productivity while ensuring everyone is kept in sight. You require a wide range of practical knowledge out in the field as tasks vary in specific technical direction. A community work supervisor also requires decision making and problem solving skills along with an ability to lead and manage people from different backgrounds and cultures. Your demeanour has to be be firm yet fair, humble yet authoritative and you need to be able to adapt and relate well to all walks of life in order to establish a level of trust and respect.

Skills to read or pre-empt potentially dangerous situations is imperative. Your calm, professional and appropriate response when de-escalating and defusing volatile behaviour will bring about favourable outcomes. Your safety and the safety of others is vital and should always be managed effectively.

Learning to listen is the key to mentor people in being vital and positive contributing members of society. And I am proud to be part of an organisation that assists people to make better choices and have a more fulfilling way of life.

Position description

The sentence of community work provides:

  • Reparation to the community
  • A pro-social and culturally responsive environment
  • An opportunity for offenders to acquire or improve work and social skills.

The purpose of this position is to supervise offenders assigned to community work group placements and to manage work projects.

Frequently asked questions

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