Key accountabilities

Supervise and manage offenders assigned to work projects

  • Supervise work parties on allocated duty days.
  • Complete daily attendance sheet at the end of the day, record hours completed and comment on performance. May be required to enter attendance information into IOMS.
  • Contribute to the development of work skills and work habits of offenders through pro-social modelling and coaching the skills required for the project.
  • Instruct/coach offenders in the correct use and storage of tools and equipment.
  • Identify and action appropriate incentives so that offenders comply with the sentence.
  • Manage situations requiring discipline with appropriate use of authority and in accordance with organisational requirements, recommending to Probation Officers/Senior Community Work Supervisors the appropriate action to be taken in response to maters such as lateness, sickness, incidents and breaches of the Chief Executives rules.
  • Complete incident reports in a concise, factual manner, and in the correct format for presentation as evidence.
    Ensure all records relating to work party supervision are accurate and completed in accordance with organisational requirements.
  • Monitor offender behaviour throughout the day and use appropriate strategies to deal with issues as they arise.
  • When not directly supervising work parties, may be required to carry out daily inspections of other work parties to ensure those parties are operating safety and no significant issues have been encountered.
  • Ensure that everyone in involved with the offender has all of the relevant Community Work information to allow for the consistent and integrated management of that offender.
  • Ensure any issues about offender management are brought to the attention of the SCWS/PO in a timely way.
Manage work projects
  • Review health and safety requirements on a daily basis and ensure projects meet appropriate health and safety standards. Ensure that offenders are aware of health and safety procedures and their obligations.
  • Plan and organise project requirements and tasks.
  • Record hazards on project site, and identify means of eliminating, isolating or minimising these prior to work starting.
  • Organise tools and equipment.
  • Allocate tasks to each offender on work party.
  • Ensure project tasks are completed to a standard that is acceptable to the agency, that a good service is delivered and agency concerns are dealt with as they arise.

Monitor electronic curfews for offenders sentenced to community detention

  • Complete required documentation (install checklist) relating to installation/ de-installation and hook-ups /unhooks of monitoring equipment.
  • May be required to review monitoring reports from monitoring provider.
Support the smooth operation of the community work centre
  • Ensure work centre area is kept tidy and any potential hazards are eliminated, isolated or minimised.
  • Ensure tools are stored in a clean, tidy and safe manner.
  • Ensure tool and vehicle maintenance schedules are adhered to.
  • Assist with the purchase and preparation of stores and rations as required.
  • Follow-up no sows via telephone and/or collecting from home.
  • May be required to carry out agency liaison and placement checks.
  • Support other areas of probation work.
  • May be required to deliver summons.
  • May be required to drive offenders to and from programmes.
Health and Safety
  • Ensure that a safe working environment is maintained for colleagues and offenders by:
    - reporting any hazards
    - reporting any accidents or near misses that occur.
    - adhering to safety standards or near misses that occur.
    - adhering to safety standards and processes set down by Corrections aimed at preventing harm
    - participating in health and safety programmes as required, including own rehabilitation should the job holder sustain a work injury.