VIP Care Nurse Practitioner Lynette Baines delivering a workshop. Nurses at Spring Hill Corrections Facility are piloting a professional development programme to strengthen and enhance their clinical skills.

The programme, delivered by Hamilton-based provider VIP Care, is made up of skill and theory-based workshops on topics, including triage and assessment skills, practical and procedural skills, wound care, suturing and pharmacology.

Regional Operations Director Health Grant Aitken says ongoing professional development helps our nurses to not only develop their scope of practice and confidence in their roles, but it will lead to better health outcomes for the people in our care.

“We want to give them the tools and confidence to be able to make better informed clinical decisions based on best practice guidelines.”

“Investing in the education and development of our nurses enables them to provide a higher level of care and deliver improved health outcomes for our patients.”

Grant says enhancing the capability and skills of nurses may also reduce the need for hospital visits.

“There will always be a need for hospital visits, but it’s intended that the skills and knowledge gained from this programme will help our nurses better determine what conditions require a hospital visit and what can be treated on site.”

VIP Care Nurse Practitioner Lynette Baines visited the Health Centres at Spring Hill and Waikeria Prison to observe staff and gain an understanding of the unique challenges faced by our nurses in a prison environment.

“This isn’t a generic, off-the-shelf training package. VIP Care have worked with us to co-design a programme targeted and tailored to our specific requirements,” says Grant.

Spring Hill nurses have been attending two sessions a month since June - this will continue until the end of the year. At the conclusion of the pilot, nurses will be presented with a record of education hours detailing the workshops they attended, and will have skills competencies signed off.

Spring Hill Assistant Health Centre Manager Norman Mendoza says the nursing team are enjoying the interactive workshops and welcome the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge.

“Our staff want to be upskilled, make changes and advance their own practice,” says Norman.

“Feedback from the team has been really positive. They particularly like the way Lynette delivers information that has strong theoretical frameworks in a very practical way.”

“If we develop our nurses and build their capability, not only do we have a more satisfied workforce, but we increase the wellness and wellbeing of the people in our care.”

Kotahi ano te kaupapa: ko te oranga o te iwi

There is only one purpose to our work: the wellness and wellbeing of people.