A driveway run over kit designed to highlight the dangers of children in drivewaysAround 40 community-based offenders managed by Community Corrections across Wellington district participated in a road safety expo at Upper Hutt Community Corrections on Wednesday 18 May. The expo coincided with road safety week (16-22 May).

Caz Guard, Service Manager at Upper Hutt Community Corrections said the expo included activities that would benefit offenders and their families.

“The overall focus of the expo is to encourage road safety and sensible decision-making. By getting offenders to participate in programmes such as this, it’s encouraging them to weigh up risks and make sensible decisions that will help them to lead an offence-free life.”

Offenders participated in the following interactive activities:

  • Completing challenges including shooting a basketball while wearing Fatal Vision goggles that simulate being impaired by alcohol
  • Testing a driveway run over kit designed to highlight the dangers of children in driveways
  • Experiencing a seatbelt simulator stopping suddenly
  • Hearing from the Fire Service about a fatality on the Paekakariki Hill caused by alcohol, speed and poor decision-making and viewing the car involved
  • Hearing from Police about reducing the road toll through their prevention first strategy
  • Learning how to give CPR by Wellington Free Ambulance HeartBeat.

Banners telling Jared's story

Upper Hutt mother Jane* said the expo was “really awesome”.  “I’ve learnt a few things today,” she said. “CPR’s changed a lot.” For Jane, the activity that stood out the most was the exercise where participants have to spot a toddler-sized mannequin behind a car, while sitting in the driver’s seat, using just the car’s mirrors. In most cases the mannequin is 5-66 metres to the rear of the car before it could be seen.  “I personally knew someone who lost a child in a driveway incident.”

Corrections’ Wellington District includes Kapiti, Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wellington.

Road safety expos are held around the Lower North region to encourage offenders to be safe, sober drivers. Expos include activities delivered by Police, Fire Service, Plunket, local councils and road safety organisations.

*not her real name.