Please attribute to Lynette Cave, Operations Director, Northern Region.

I’m excited to be participating in the Auckland Pride Parade this weekend alongside the Corrections Rainbow Network.

Taking part in the parade is a chance for our staff to celebrate their pride as diverse individuals and as staff of Corrections, committed to making our work safer for our people, the people in our care, and the community.

Our Rainbow Network was established in June 2017 to welcome all staff to work together to promote diversity, and empower others to work more effectively with LGBTIQ+ offenders. The network is a member of the multi-agency public sector Rainbow Network, and to date has more than 30 members.

As an organisation, Corrections has made good progress in ensuring that our policies and practices promote the safety, treatment and dignity of LGBTIQ+ prisoners, and offenders subject to sentences and orders in the community. We are committed to ensuring that the way we operate is responsive and inclusive to members of all communities.

Diversity training is being rolled out to all staff, starting in our Northern Region, and will become a standard part of our training programme for all new frontline staff joining the organisation. We have also completed the development of a new nationwide policy approved by our Executive Leadership to improve the care, management and safety of trans people in custody. The policy includes dedicated training that will be available to all staff, which has been developed with the assistance of the wider rainbow community, which we are grateful for.