We’re excited to launch brand new detector dog collectable cards.

In a similar vein to sports or Pokemon trading cards, the collection of 27 cards – one for each of our working dogs – features a high quality image on one side and fun facts about each pup on the reverse, including their birthday and favourite toy.

Every Dog Handler will have a stack of cards for their own dog which they can hand out at community events.

Inspired by the dog cards created by New Zealand Customs Service and Aviation Security Service, Lower North Dog Handler, Ricky Treveithick came up with the concept.

“As a Dog Handler you attend a lot of school, charity and community events to showcase the work Corrections does in communities and prisons to keep the public safe,” says Ricky.

“Meeting a detector dog is a real highlight for kids, so I thought it would be great for them to have a fun memento as a reminder of their experience.”

By collecting the cards children can learn more about each dog’s unique personality and the work our detector dogs do to keep the public safe. The cards may even pique their interest to pursue a career with Corrections in the future.

Kevin Hattrill, National Specialist Search Manager, added “The detector dogs play an important role to promote the positive work Corrections does.

“The dogs are really popular amongst the New Zealand public and attract tonnes of fans thanks to TV show Dog Squad and their social media presence. The cards are just another way to raise awareness about Corrections, and I’m sure they’ll be a howling success!”

Meet our Detector Dogs.

Detector dog cards, start collecting all 27 cards.