Corrections staff with donated good bound for families affected by the measles outbreak in Samoa.Corrections staff have been collecting goods and making donations to support families affected by the measles outbreak in Samoa.

The idea for the collection originated at Mount Eden Corrections Facility and quickly grew into a nationwide campaign involving all Corrections staff.

Staff from the Northern Region were excited to drop off the first of many items collected to be packed into one of the shipping containers destined for Samoa.

The goods collected over the month of December were sent by Good Man Freight to Samoa on 2 January, free of charge and will be a welcome gift for those communities affected by the outbreak.

The collection was part of the ‘Samoa Alofa’ appeal which raised funds for ‘The Helping Hands’ organisation in Samoa. The organisation works in the more remote areas and supports families, as well as hospital staff and patients, in practical ways with home-cooked meals and essential items, such as disposable nappies and gloves.

The staff delivered essential items including disposable nappies, gloves and other hygiene products as well as toys for children. The goods will be distributed to hospitals and families through the Ministry of Health in Samoa.

All funds raised through bank donations by Corrections staff will go to the Samoa Red Cross Society to provide support where the need is greatest.