Following the independent review into the prisoner mail system, Corrections accepted all 13 recommendations and is making a number of changes to strengthen the management of prisoner mail.

One of these recommendations was to ensure outgoing envelopes are identified as prisoner mail and contain details for recipients to contact Corrections if they do not want to receive mail from the prisoner. This is to ensure that victims are not being retraumatised through failure to discern that the mail was from a prisoner prior to opening it.

We take our obligations to the Privacy Act 1993 very seriously and have consulted with Victim Support and the Privacy Commissioner to ensure the labelling of prisoner mail does not breach the privacy of the prisoner involved or the receiver of prisoner mail.

The review authors consulted with the Office of the Ombudsman, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand Howard League, Reclaim Another Woman (RAW) and the Chief Victims Advisor during the review.

Public safety is our top priority, and we work hard to uphold this while balancing the needs of a range of people.

Anyone with concerns about receiving unwanted mail from prisoners can call our 0800 number (0800 345 006) or email