SHCF health services staff excited for 2020. Spring Hill Health Centre has an exciting start to the new year with 14 new staff members. The increase in staffing brings the site’s health service up to full capacity, with a wealth of knowledge to help people in our care.

Over the past four months the Health Centre has worked hard to recruit skilled and experienced people to fill the roles of registered nurses, health care assistants, enrolled nurses and administrators.

The new role of Assistant Health Centre Manager has been filled by Norman Mendoza who will bring extensive knowledge and experience to the position.

This massive recruitment effort, spearheaded by Health Centre Manager Sarah Nabizada means that the Health Centre can continue to provide quality health services, without the stress of being understaffed.

“Becoming a new HCM and starting on a new site I wanted to support my team as much as I could and after listening to them, their biggest concern was the chronically low staffing,” says Sarah.

“We opened positions for casuals and short-term contracts.  We changed our recruitment advertisement, which gave us options.”

The Health Centre has also filled a Nurse Entry to Practice role recently. As the centre is now fully staffed, it can take on these newer nurses and mentor them in the process of becoming registered nurses.

“Now going into 2020 we are in a position to help other prisons in our region. Our team is looking forward to all the great things we can achieve,” says Sarah.

“We have a fantastic team here at SHCF and I continue to be impressed the dedication they have to the men in our care, our site and to each other.  They showed such resilience during the short staffing and high acuity of patients; I can’t thank them enough.”