Questions and Answers on MECF

Who will be carrying out the construction?

The company responsible for the construction of the new accommodation block (Building C) is Leighs Construction Limited. The Department has signed a contract with them to deliver this new building. The Department has retained the provision of electronic security and ICT which will be delivered in parallel to the construction.

What was the procurement process for this MECF project?

A Request for Tender (RFT) was released via GETs in September 2016 and responses were received from Fletchers Construction and Leighs Construction Limited in January 2017. Leighs Construction Limited was selected as the Preferred Tenderer in February 2017 to enter into contract negotiations with the Department. The contract was signed in early April 2017. Prior to the RFT being issued the Department undertook market engagement with the construction sector to inform the RFT.

When will the construction of the accommodation block be complete?

Construction of the new accommodation block (Building C) will commence in April 2017 and is expected to be complete by late 2019. It is intended subject to consultation with staff and unions that the building will be in-service shortly after this to start receiving prisoners.

Where will the prisoners be coming from for this new accommodation block?

The increase in prison numbers is predominantly in the upper North Island. Most of the prisoners will come from within the Auckland region as MECF is the main prison for newly remanded male prisoners in the Auckland Region.

What will the new accommodation block look like?

The design of the new accommodation block remains unchanged from the approved design that the Department obtained from the Auckland (City) Council in 2009.

Why wasn’t the accommodation block originally built in 2010 when it was planned?

The flattening of the remand prisoner population meant that the additional capacity originally planned (245 remand prisoner places) was not required and the accommodation block didn’t need to be built at that time.

The remand population is now forecast to increase and the building of the accommodation block (Building C) for 245 remand prisoners will enable Corrections to ease pressure on remand capacity in the network.

Hasn’t construction already started on the project?

Not for the new accommodation block. A separate and smaller construction activity has been underway at MECF to refit an existing building for the new Police Custody Unit that is being relocated from the Auckland Central Police station.