Prison Capacity Programme – Phase 2

The Prison Capacity Programme is investigating ways it can provide extra capacity across the prison network due to the increase in prison numbers.

In October 2016, Cabinet gave approval to increase capacity across New Zealand’s prison network in response to growing prisoner numbers.  An additional 1800 prisoners places are to be provided by 2021. Prison capacity is to be increased across three existing prison sites in the upper North Island.

By planning for the forecast increase in prisoner numbers the Department can support its core obligations of providing for the safe, secure and humane containment of prisoners.

Fact Sheet: Increasing Prison Capacity to 2021
Fact Sheet: Industry, Treatment and Learning

Northland Region Corrections Facility

Most low security accommodation throughout the prison network is already fully double bunked. The Department completed the double bunking of four low security units in March 2017 to provide accommodation for an additional 80 prisoners.

Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF)

Government approved the construction of an accommodation block (Building C) at MECF when it was originally planned in 2010. The new building will provide accommodation for an additional 245 remand prisoners. With the forecasted rise in the remand prison numbers, Building C will enable Corrections to ease pressure on remand capacity in the prison network. Construction will begin in April 2017 and is expected to finish by late 2019. Subject to consultation with staff and unions it is anticipated that Building C will come into service late 2019.

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