Construction of the replacement maximum security facility was formally launched by the Minister of Correction Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga on 7 October 2015 and is due to be completed late 2017. To enable construction to start late 2015, early works (site clearance and earthworks to form a building platform) were undertaken in advance.

Project programme Date Status
Early works
Site Preparation and Clearance (vegetation removal and demolition of buildings and concrete yard).  18 August – October 2014  Complete
Earthworks to create a suitable building platform. Oct 2014 – mid 2015   Ongoing
Design and construction of buildings
Construction of maximum security facility. Late 2015 – late 2017  
New maximum facility operational First half of 2018  

Design of the maximum security facility

The overarching design and construction objective is to ensure that the new maximum security facility is safe and secure and protects the public.  The facility also needs to be safe and secure for all prisoners, staff members, external service providers, contractors and visitors who attend the site. 

The facility will be designed and built by Next Step Partners, our private partner in this public private partnership with review and input to the design by the Department and our subject matter experts. 

The design will comply with the following parameters:

  • The new facility will generally consist of a series of low rise single storey buildings, with a few two storey buildings.
  • The facility boundary will be set back at least 20 metres from Paremoremo Road.  Existing planting along the road frontage will be retained, with the exception of where the new vehicle crossing will be formed.


Construction of the facility buildings commenced in late 2015.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets are being developed to provide detailed information about different project stages:


Layout of the new maximum security facility:

Design for new maximum security facility at Auckland Prison.