Frequently asked questions

Will the number of prisoners increase with the building of the new facility?

The numbers of prisoners on site will not change with the building of the new facility. The capacity of the maximum security facility will remain at 260. The total maximum prisoner number at Auckland Prison will remain at 681.

What kind of prisoners are in this facility?

The maximum security facility holds New Zealand’s most disruptive and violent male prisoners, as well as prisoners with mental health needs.

Why is the maximum security facility at Auckland Prison being replaced?

This is the Department’s only maximum security facility, and this level of classification needs to be retained in the prison network. These buildings were opened in 1968 and were designed and built with the focus exclusively on containment. They lack adequate capacity to deliver specialist rehabilitation and mental health services to prisoners. The existing facility is nearing its end of life and will over time become increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain.

Is the facility currently fit for use?

Yes. All necessary maintenance will take place to ensure the existing buildings can continue to operate safely and securely, until the replacement facility is operational.

What will happen to the old facility once the new facility is operational?

The existing maximum security facility will be decommissioned in the second half of 2018, following the gradual transfer of prisoners to the new facility.

Who is responsible for operating the new maximum security facility?

The Department will operate the new maximum security facility. This PPP arrangement is a Design, Build, Finance, Maintain Public Private Partnership (DBFM PPP). Unlike the PPP at Auckland South Corrections Facility (ASCF), the consortium will not operate the facility.

Will the construction impact upon the operation of the prison?

No. The prison will continue to operate as it currently is.