The contract

The contract between the Department of Corrections and Next Step Partners provides for the design, build, finance, and maintenance of a new maximum security facility at Auckland prison and maintenance of the existing units 1-5.

Next Step Partners is a collection of companies and brings together: The Fletcher Construction Company Limited, Cushman & Wakefield, and Public Infrastructure Partners LP.

Next Step Partners subcontracted Fletcher Construction for design and construction of the new facility and Cushman and Wakefield for the maintenance of the new and existing facilities.

The contract term commenced 15 September 2015 and runs until 25 years following completion of the construction.


The contract was signed on 11 September 2015 and can be viewed in parts as described below:

The contract has been released in full with the exception of those parts of the contact that release of which could commercially prejudice the Department or its commercial partners, or could increase the risk of:

a) an escape;

b) the unlawful entry of a person or contraband into the prison which could result in (a);

c) surveillance being inhibited which could result in a) or b);

d) sabotage of the facility which could result in a) or b); or

e) a cyber attack which could result in a) or b).