Will residents be subject to electronic monitoring conditions?

Yes, all residents will be on a sentence of home detention with a condition for electronic monitoring. This will involve wearing an ankle bracelet that lets us track their location by GPS.

Will residents be referred to the programme from prison?

Around ninety per cent of residents will be referred to the programme from the community by a court.

However, around ten per cent will have received a short term of imprisonment with the court providing the opportunity for a “leave to apply for home detention” option in their sentence. These will be men who have been sent to prison because they lack suitable accommodation to complete a sentence of home detention at the time of their sentencing.

Where will residents be from?

The programme will be targeted primarily at men who have long-standing personal or iwi links to the South Island, particularly Canterbury.

Will there be restrictions on noise?

We want to minimise any disturbances to the community, especially neighbours. We will put in place several restrictions to ensure we do not impact negatively on neighbours, including:

  • There will be no amplified outdoor music between 8am and 8 pm
  • The outdoor recreation and seating area will not be used after 9pm
  • There will be no amplified music played inside any building at any time
  • The outdoor weights and exercise rooms will not be used between 10pm and 6am and anyone using it will not use amplified music
  • Group activities, such as waiata, will be run with consideration to immediate neighbours
  • Residents will not be allowed to smoke on site. Vaping will be allowed, but only in one identified area
  • There will be an identified staff smoking area, adjoining the staff office area. Other areas of the property will not be used for smoking
  • There will be no smoking or vaping in public places or by the street frontage.

How old will residents be?

They will have to be 18 or older to participate.