COVID-19 Thermal Cameras

Under COVID-19, we'll ask every visitor to pass through our thermal camera stations, use hand sanitiser and keep their distance from others as much as possible.

The cameras take your face temperature in real time, with no contact. It is safe and quick.

This is to help us stop the spread of COVID-19. High temperatures of 38 degrees C or more may indicate COVID-19 infection.  

If your temperature is 38 or higher we'll talk to you about whether you should visit that day. You can rebook your visit. Your Approved Visitor status is not affected.

Our staff are trained to use the thermal cameras and they’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions.

  1. Visitors will pass through the thermal camera station one at a time.
  2. Staff will check the readings on a separate screen. The system will alert them if a high temperature is detected (38 degrees Celsius or higher).
  3. If your temperature is normal, you will go ahead to complete the usual visit security checks.

The screening is for everyone’s safety. If you refuse to have your temperature taken, we will ask you to speak with a site supervisor.

Refusal will be treated in the same way as a refusal to be searched and you may be denied entry that day.

The most important thing if you have a high temperature is to go home and get well.

We respect your privacy

Thermal camera images are not stored and are not used for any other purpose. Only certain staff may view the camera readings.

If you record a high temperature, we will take details to allow contact tracing if necessary.

If your entry is denied, we will also tell the person you came to visit that you have been unable to enter the prison.

Allow extra time

Thermal cameras will be used for each and every visitor. It may take more time to get through the entry process so please tell your visitors to allow more time for this and the usual security measures.

You may be able to arrange a video call instead if you cannot visit in person.


You can leave the site as usual. We don’t need to take your temperature again.