10 point plan to respond to the illegal departure of Phillip Smith

Download the ten point action plan overview table (PDF, 32KB) or view the table here:

Corrections Initial 10 Point Action Plan

Action Item Commentary
1. Chief Custodial Officer Review Complete.
2. Immediate suspension of temporary release Complete.
3. Interim instructions to guide approval of temporary release in exceptional cases Completed on 14 November 2014.
4. Commissioning a review of psychological treatment See Recommendation 8 of the Chief Custodial Officer Review.
5. Supporting the victims of Phillip Smith and reviewing interactions with victims generally All victims have been contacted and a meeting with the Chief Executive has been offered. The victims will be sent the summary of the Chief Custodial Officer Review on 25 November 2014 prior to this being publically available.
6. Wider inter-agency review of identity information sharing This process is underway.
7. Review of higher-risk prisoners granted temporary release This has been completed and appropriate action is being taken.
8. Operational summit This summit has been organised and is scheduled for 25 November 2014.
9. Exploring options for extending notification practices with customs As per Action Item 6.
10. Policy and process improvements As per Recommendation 1 of the Chief Custodial Officer Review.