Academics tackle re-offending with evidence

Expert Academic Advisory Panel members at their first meeting in July.A new expert panel brings together our in-house experts and external academics to help solve the challenges associated with reducing re-offending.

The Academic Expert Panel will review current research best practice, identify meaningful research opportunities and discuss ideas. Panel participants share the view that decisions about programmes and interventions for offenders must be based on sound research.

At a workshop held in Wellington on 7 July, the 18 panel members, led by Deputy Chief Executive Jo Field, shared their particular area of interest in the criminal justice sector and defined what they see as their top three challenges for reducing re-offending.

“The coming together of Corrections and academia is a simple idea but an important one. We’re all aware of how challenging issues of crime and justice are, so by pooling our ideas and cooperating more closely we maximise the chances of gaining better understandings and positive outcomes,” says Sociologist Jarrod Gilbert.

The panel agreed on three areas to focus on: reintegration, research and data, and reducing the negative effect of involvement in gangs.

The panel will meet again in October.