From our Minister

As we move well and truly into the second half of 2017, I’m pleased to see what we have achieved in Corrections this year.

I have visited 14 of the country’s 17 prisons, a number of Community Corrections sites, and I’ve spoken to staff and offenders.

The days of locking up people and throwing away the key are long over. That is why Corrections puts a huge amount of resources into the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders.

There is a natural fit between Corrections and my portfolio responsibilities in Associate Education, Associate Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment and Associate Primary Industries.

I’m passionate about education, skills and training. They are key to individual success and the success of our country, socially and economically.

The aspirations of people in Corrections’ care should be no different to those of everyone else. We all want a secure income and a place to live. But we recognise that some people are going to need more help to achieve those aspirations.

That’s why this Government and Corrections will continue to focus on rehabilitation and reintegration.

Corrections has a number of programmes designed to give offenders a chance at turning their lives around. This was recently given a boost in the Budget with an extra $18.6m for industry, training and support programmes in prisons.

There is a degree of personal responsibility needed here but Corrections has worked hard in recent years to tailor programmes suited to individuals, designed to help them lead better, crime-free lives when they are released.

I thank Corrections staff, and volunteers, for your continuing hard work in helping offenders achieve these goals.

Hon. Louise Upston

Minister of Corrections