Better family violence programmes

People who commit family violence will soon be attending programmes that are more responsive to their needs – and thus more effective in reducing re-offending – thanks to a partnership between Corrections and the Ministry of Justice.

Corrections and Justice both purchase family violence programmes for people who’ve been directed to attend by a judge or a court. Together, we’ve streamlined our contract requirements to give family violence programme providers more flexibility around programme delivery.

The new approach means that from 1 July 2018:

  • Family violence programmes for low-to-medium risk offenders will be condensed, meaning more offenders will complete them within a shorter timeframe. This is important as research shows offenders who start programmes but do not complete them may become more likely to re-offend.
  • Providers can tailor programme content and be more responsive to the needs of specific groups.
  • Corrections and Justice will pay the same amount for the same programmes.

Earlier in the year, Corrections and Justice completed a series of roadshows around the country – explaining in detail to providers what the changes will mean, allowing them to ask questions, and encouraging new providers, especially Māori providers, to tender.

“Providers were very positive about the roadshows. They’re pleased to see us aligning with Justice and welcome the increased flexibility and streamlined processes. This will enable them to do better for the families in their communities,” says Corrections Principal Adviser Family Violence Victoria Nicholson.

The new programmes will be delivered from 1 July 2018.