I.01.Res.02 When a prisoner is on or off muster

  1. A prisoner remains on muster when they:
    1. leave the prison temporarily in the custody of an officer or another approved person.
    2. are on a temporary release for less than seven days.
    3. are held by a prison in Court cells where the Court cells are being used as part of the prison’s muster.
  2. A prisoner is taken off the muster:
    1. when a prisoner's remand warrant expires and that prisoner is transferred to the Court for a further appearance.
    2. following the removal of their dead body from the prison.
    3. either when a prisoner is admitted to another prison upon recapture following an escape, or when the prisoner still remains at large twenty four hours following the escape, whichever is the earlier.
    4. when the prisoner leaves the sending prison on transfer to another prison or a gazetted police cell.
    5. when the prisoner is released.
    6. when the prisoner is on a temporary release for seven days or longer.
    7. When the prisoner is transferred to a Psychiatric hospital pursuant to Section 45 or Section 46 Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment & Treatment) Act 1992.
    8. When the prisoner is transferred to a “residence” approved by the Chief Executive of the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services pursuant to Section 142A of the Criminal Justice Act 1985.