M.03.02.Res.08 Alternative placement and separation support

  1. Should it become necessary to remove the child from prison, the child will be placed with a person or agency nominated by the prisoner who was agreed to as part of the application process.
  2. The person or agency nominated must agree to provide emergency care
  3. The alternative caregiver is to be nominated by the prisoner during the initial application process.
  4. If the prisoner is unable to nominate an alternative caregiver for the child, the case manager is to liaise with Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children, or an appropriate agency, to identify an alternative caregiver, that is agreed upon by all parties.
  5. Should the prisoner wish to change the alternative caregiver, or should any details of the nominated caregiver change during the period the prisoner and child are in prison, the unit PCO will ensure that the necessary amendments are made to prison records, and the placement agreement.
  6. Prison director must ensure procedures are in place to provide support to a prisoner who may be very distressed as a result of the separation of her child. Support may include:
    1. case manager with social worker qualifications support
    2. midwifery and medical support
    3. facilitation of agreed contact between the prisoners and child in a feeding and bonding facility
    4. counselling for the prisoner in respect to the separation,
    5. Identification of suitable escorting staff; particularly where separation occurs at birth or the prisoner is going outside the prison to hand the child over to an alternative caregiver
    6. outside agency support such as Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children (if required)
    7. forensic services support (if required).