M.03.02.Res.10 Health care of the baby

  1. The PS Health Services provide only primary health care to prisoners and not emergency and specialist treatment and care.
  2. The child's health needs will be attended to by a community Maternal and Child Health Practitioners and local General Practitioners.
  3. Prisoners must nominate a community General Practitioner who will provide health care for the child. The details of the General Practitioner must be available to the prison director, unit PCO, on-call manager and regional health services manager.
  4. In the event that the child requires health care after hours, the prisoner must notify the officer in charge of the prison at the time so that a local doctor can be called in.
  5. In the event of a health emergency concerning the child, the officer in charge of the prison will call an ambulance to transport the child to the nearest hospital for treatment.
  6. All costs associated with the health care of a child, except any transport of a child in a PS vehicle to hospital or to the child's GP, will be the responsibility of the prisoner. PS will cover the costs of the prisoner’s escort to accompany her child in order to meet the child's health needs.
  7. Prisoners in self-care units who are the primary caregivers for the child must accompany the child to hospital or to the child's GP. This is to facilitate the consent for health authorities to carry out any medical procedure requirements upon the child.